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What is a PedElec?

PedElec is a bike equipped with electric motor assistance and are easy to ride just like a regular bike. Pedaling improves your health and reduces your stress. PedElecs are comfortable as you don’t arrive at your destination sweaty and tired but are relaxed and fit. PedElecs also provide an air pollution free and a health way of transportation. Moreover, PedElecs enjoy the same privileges as bikes - Insurance and driving license are not required and helmet use is not mandatory in most  countries. 
We proudly present our latest and simplest solution to PedElec to you – the Achiever Coaxial Motor System.

Achiever ® PedElec System

Our pantent-pending Coaxial Motor system provides the power you need to the chainwheel by combining its motor, gear, control system, torque sensor, electronic sensor in a compact ergonomic unit. It is easy to be installed and well coordinated with the contour of almost any bike Cartier Replica Watches. The control system can automatically adjust the ratio of output power in real time on the basis of pavement condition and the speed to achieve the ideal blend of power output.

Main Features:

MlD-MOTOR – The mid motor design allows it to work with the multi-speed transmission of the bike to yield more power and speed.

lN-FRAME DESlGN - Seamlessly integrated into the original frame design allows a flexible and clean look.

TORQUE SENSOR AND BUILT-IN CONTROLLER - allows easy and optimized output control with natural pedaling.

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