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Logan 700C

The Logan 700C is a pedal assisted electric commuter bike. Commute to work on this 700C model that offers a bigger than ever travel experience. Go faster, further and have more fun!  

Benefits from the Achiever® PedElec technology (patent pending), the hybrid power is working together with the derailleur and combined to provide the bike with higher speed and more torque to work perfectly either on flat road or going uphill. Climbing uphill has never been so easy.

The bigger wheels and slick tyres allow smoother crusing with less effort. 
1.Achiever® hybrid power technology replicas audemars piguet for less pedaling effort.
2.Aluminum frame with SR-Suntour suspension front fork.
3.Durable and Safe Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery.

Key Specifications:
1. 700C wheels
2. DC Brushless Motor 250W (350W, 500W optional) 
3. Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, 36V, 9Ah.
4. Front and Rear Tektro Disc-brakes rolex replica
5. Shimano 8 speeds derailleur. (NuVinci Stepless derailleur, optional)
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