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Jasper 700C

The Jasper 700C is a pedal assisted electric commuter bike designed for everyday utility and commuting cycling. The hybrid power is working together with the Rolex Day-Date II Replica Shimano 8 speeds hub to provide the bike with higher speed and more torque. It can manage a wide range of terrain, and is a combination of elegance and convenience.  The bigger wheels and slick tyres allow smoother cruising with less effort. 
1.Achiever® hybrid power technology for less pedaling effort.
2.Aluminum frame with SR-Suntour suspension front fork.
3.Durable and Safe Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery.
Key Specifications:
1.  Achiever Coaxial DC Brushless Motor 250W / 350W / 450W / 750W
2.  Durable and Safe Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery 36V, 10Ah.
3.  Aluminum frame with SR-Suntour suspension front fork.
4.  700C wheels with Kenda Tires
5.  Front and Rear Tektro Disc-brakes
6.  Shimano 8 speeds Idol Replica Watches derailleur. 
     (NuVinci Stepless gear hub, optional)
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